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Sheila, Peter and Lorna Smith would like to welcome you to Greenacres Farm in the village of Puxley, just north of Milton Keynes that has been a horse riding establishment for more than 25 years. Here, there is a long established group of volunteers trained in helping people to gain their confidence through contact with horses and now they wish to extend this opportunity to members of Her Majesty's Armed Forces who have been affected by service in conflict zones.

Horses used with Horses for Forces

It is known that contact with animals can be therapeutic and can help speed recovery and provide a sense of well-being. Equally, Greenacres Farm is a very relaxing and fun place to be. There is a large indoor school and all areas, including open grassland, a lavatory and tea room, are accessible.

Individual horse owners offer their horses for you to ride and the group will make safety equipment available to you. If you have never mounted a horse, and would like to experience sitting in a saddle, a local shop in Milton Keynes, Horsatack Saddlery, has made a mechanical horse available to you on which to practice in total safety. Otherwise, if you would prefer not to ride, you can just experience contact with the horses.

Riding and contact sessions dedicated to you and to your forces colleagues will be at 1200hrs each Friday and will last for approximately one hour.

If you are interested, or simply want to find out more, please contact one of the persons below who will be pleased to help:

We look forward very much to seeing you at Greenacres!